Headphones that come with incredible sound and real time fitness coaching.

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A Trainer in your ears. On Demand.

On Demand
Personal Trainer

Vi will coach you towards your goals in real-time, to your favorite music, on your schedule.


Vi senses your distance, step rate, and heart rate in real-time and will tailor your workouts based on how you are doing.


Vi's ergonomic design feels great while you work out and pumps beautiful sounding music using Harman/Kardon technology.

On Demand
Personal Trainer

Real time guidance

Vi coaches you in real-time based on your biometrics, making for a more dynamic and effective workout.

Never dread another workout

Vi makes working out fun, more engaging, and fluid. No more static audio workouts.

Faster results

Vi understands your goals and creates a personalized plan to get you there. And she adapts as you go, always guiding you on the most efficient path to your goals.


Vi is always right in your ears, whenever and wherever you are. No more excuses.

Personalized to you

Vi's sensors allow her to know you better than a human personal trainer. Your workouts become more fun, effective, and personalized because of that.

Meet Vi

Heart Rate



Step Rate

Fitness Tracker

Vi measures your heart rate in real time using biometric sensors.

Some companies rely on vi's technology


For a limited time, get access to the Vi Trainer App free (with Vi Sense purchase). Instantly access personalized training plans, workout stats, and a library of workouts whenever you want! Available on iOS and Android.

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$100 Value

Wireless Headphones

With Vi's all day battery life you can enjoy premium sounding music and calls.

Beautiful sound by

Phone Calls


8+ Hour Battery


Comfortable Design

Vi in the News

“The future of fitness can fit in your ear."

- The Wall Street Journal

"These headphones have helped me fall so deeply in love with running that I'm actually signing up for my first half marathon this year."

- PopSugar

"Vi...sounds like Scarlett Johansson.”

- Men's Fitness

"My Vi offers tips for making the most of my workout, and provides me with extra motivation when I feel myself slacking off."

- Business Insider

"We've found your new favorite gadget: Vi"

- People Health

"One of the most comfortable in-ear pairs of headphones that I've ever used.”

- Sports Illustrated

"The fantastic Harman Kardon-powered audio is some of the most impressive playback we've ever heard."

- Independent

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"I was feeling bored of running alone. (Vi) has become a part of my routine and more like a friend who encourages me to keep going on. I am in love with Vi."

Verified Purchase

"I have always wanted to try out a personal trainer but couldn't afford to. Vi has been just that without the regular fee! I have also gone down from a size 14 to a size 10!"

Verified Purchase

"When I was first starting to run, I had no idea what I was doing. Vi has taught me all of the essentials like rhythmic breathing, keeping a steady pace, and taking shorter strides."

Verified Purchase

"Her sense of humor is great. I actually burst out laughing while running on the road when she said something funny."

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"With the help of Vi I now run 3-4 times per week and track my walking as well. I have lost 12 lbs. and am only 3 lbs. away from my current weight loss goal. I lost a full pants size."

Verified Purchase

"Probably the thing I have found most useful is the stepping-to-the-beat. This is a huge improvement and something I always tried to improve on in the past but never made it stick. Vi has gone above and beyond sorting that out!"

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"I got a real time account of my pace and heart rate which really helps when I am trying to stick to a particular speed. You can't get that with a human personal trainer."

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"I've lost 50 lbs. I have tried multiple apps but having Vi run with me and be so knowledgeable about me as a runner has been second to none."

Verified Purchase

"She's portable! I love I can put on the earbuds and tuck my phone away and go run. I don't have to worry about having multiple watches to track my cadence, heart rate, route, etc. Vi does it all for me."

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Vi Headphones Fitness Trackers
Unlimited on-demand personal trainer
Coaching through natural sounding voice
Heart rate training
Premium wireless headphones
Fitness tracking
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